The Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant Tarot Card

We have gained foundation and basic patterns from our parents. Our knowledge of how to present ourselves will serve us perfectly fine in terms of creating our material reality, taking care of ourselves and creating our social circle of choice, based on what we observed from our parents. We feel quite confident we can concur the world with our attitude, and are now presented to the formal world of society rules through social integration – formal education, where firm foundations of our parents’ patterns meet other people’s parents’ patterns and willpower of individuals.

All of a sudden stability as we knew it within our secure pattern of thinking is gone. But we manage to stick to the patterns and create a firm foundation of physical and emotional relationships, who see us with respect and pride for what we have created for ourselves. But the more we face the world the more we are aware of its ever-changing nature. And we do not like the growing fear of potential loss of all our successes up so far.

The new teacher presents himself

Our sudden fears take us to the character under the meanings of number 5. The number of changes, overcoming the hard adaptive process to open self to new, unknown ventures.

The tarot card of Hierophant is the archetype of the priest in a way. He is the keeper of religious knowledge. He is about promoting a very traditional set in stone belief system. Teaching about honouring rituals and ceremonies, following discipline of a routine, having the answer to knowing where to put faith in.

This approach is absolutely new to us, given the patterns we gained in the past, but sudden presentation of the belief system does resonate with something we heard before – possibly before we came to meet our mother and father. And we do not fight it, but rather absorb all the knowledge hierophant is giving us. His teaching is advising us to let go of the fear of loosing the physical comfort of what we have created and have faith in the path we have taken along the creation. To have faith in the society to not only love and respect us for what we have physically created but to also appreciate and respect the emotional support we have given them and they to us, and the growing experiences we both had, we mutually benefited in the venture of our paths crossing for so long.

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When new patterns become clearer

Now with the knowledge hierophant presented, our patterns gained from growing up with mother and father’s guidance change. Not necessarily all the patterns, but some definitely alter their core correspondence in the path ahead. And so we begin to train our mind and core of who we are, to benefit and cherish the path of learning and growing with people we keep close as friends, family and respect gains a new meaning.

Now the knowledge to keep the satisfaction in what we have accumulated and created over the past years leads us to learn to enjoy it with people, to share the knowledge of how to accumulate it, how to live with it and how to be opened to new things without being afraid that some day it may all disappear. As hierophant teaches us, ever-changing path of life is more than just what physical world sees as valuable, it is about what time can not loose, it is about people, about society, about connections and bonds.

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