The empress tarot card

The Empress Tarot Card

When we meet the mother and father of the story. The path of learning takes us into the life itself, incarnation into the physical plane. This is where we meet our parents. The mother and the father. Both caring, loving providers but with a very different character and manner of presenting their persona. They each represent different emotional approach to life’s challenges. To us they are the Emperor and Empress of this world.

Getting to know the two parents we look up to at this point, brings to our existence patterns they relay on us. We begin to understand the difference between feminine and masculine role in the patterns. The characteristics they display, show us how they differ in expressing emotions, how they approach life and its challenges from different angles.

The Empress and the archetype of a mother

The first character we approach is the card number 3, numerological character of a pregnant lady and sheer activity of the body and mind. It is a character of one who can see the world with new eyes – think of the mother or teacher, who loves to use imagination and from that imagination creates the inspirational and educational stories.

The name of the card in some decks is the fertility and abundance, and in some decks the Empress. The story behind this character represents the character of a wild, beautiful, universal woman. She is the source of fertility, as she brings life to this world and nurtures it, cares for it and teaches the unconditional love, cherishing the world, and caring for others. But a female aspect is much more than just a mother archetype. A woman is also that wild child of a girl with desires, she is sensual and seductive, and enjoys giving and receiving pleasure. The focus is on the body, appreciating beauty, and connection to Earth, animals and plants. There is a deep connection to natural cycles and its harmony.

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The Emperor and the archetype of a father

The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor Tarot Card

So we just met the mother and saw how she uses her loving and imaginative way to educate the lives of others and gets their attention with that attitude. Now we are about to meet the father and see how father’s approach is so different from the mother.

Numerological aspect of 4 represents solid presence, integrity and loyalty. The satisfaction in physical labour and the ability to create reality with firm foundations, routine, responsibility and patience. Everything the character does they do with respect and courtesy.

The tarot card number 4 in some decks is named power or the Emperor. This is the card of the archetype of the father. He is representation of order and discipline, authority and regulations. The father is seen as establisher of family line, he is the one who setts the direction and tone to effectively control and protect the family.

Father is the person one goes to for some direction and explanation. But the story tarot card wants to tell is not only of the father character, for the archetype also presents a broader view of the persona as a leader of the nation the responsibility of guiding the entire to co-exist in peace and order, through law and guidelines to life, fair to the broader crowd not just what is right for his own family.

He is the role model to everyone who he cares for. With his respect, calm approach, patience and knowledge to lead, people listen and respect his decision. Unlike the mother archetype, he gains his respect through direct teaching with facts and firm collected emotions.

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