The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician Tarot Card

The magic and wisdom in the story of life. We come to this stage with a firmly set mind to go into physical experience for new knowledge and different perspective. To create more out of what we have become so far. This drive to become more and understand more, is the drive behind the idea. But before we start our experience we are presented with two aspect of the world that will eventually in our awareness of self collide, and it will be up to us to harvest the most out of it and enhance our experience with both balanced in one.

The magic of the Magic man

We are presented with the magus as a teacher figure, representing the physical aspect of the life we are about to experience. He lays out the emotions that go on behind the lessons of physical reality. For that he represents the number 1 card. Coming into the physical world we do need to know what is necessary to create the world around us as we face the new. What better way to do so than to have the character representing the ultimate achiever guiding us.

Same as in numerology number 1 is the driving force behind the masterminding, the magus represents the persona who has a drive and willpower to achieve goals by creating opportunities for self rather than waiting for them to happen. He has the power to make things happen for himself. The magus shows us how the awareness of own potential and ability is the tool to shift around what is presented by physical world to use, and than transform into what we want. As we set the goal to create, we need focus to see the intentions achieved.

And the opinions of people set to contradict you in this character are irrelevant, because he believes in self, and he knows who he is, he is aware of how simple it is to create magic, he knows he has the power to pull all the forces that have to work together into one centred thought and also has the commitment to see it through.

But being just committed and understand intentions of your goal is not enough in situations of life. Because simply before you come to understand the needs of physical world you need to know or in other words recognize the emotion that causes you to want that need. And in that understanding of emotion, now your being gets deepened by recognizing that your emotion are different with interactions with other souls in the earth plane, which sometimes shifts your focus to achieve the goal you set for yourself. And that aspect is shown in the next character represented by the wisdom of high priestess.

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The wisdom of the High Priestess

The card number 2, which is the wisdom or the high priestess, but also numerological value of duality or pairing with

The High Priestess

The High Priestess

another soul, teaching us how to create harmony within us to be able to recognize our own energy from interaction with another will power.

While Magus represent the action, the physical stamina and the ability to apply force of will to achieve what needs to be done, the high priestess teaches the ability to stay still in the situation presented and through that stillness distinguish between energies blending.

The high priestess is one of nonphysical, mindful path of existence. She is the presentation of mysterious subconscious, the feminine energy. The card tells the story of everything in existence having the shadow side to it. Not shadow as in negative side, but  the shadow that hides the depths of our potential, the depths of our wisdom, the power of our energy to create our reality.

The knowledge in the story tells us that the action to see the bigger picture is sometimes standing still and not interfering in the process, just let the situation unfold as it naturally would. This is the way of seeing the bigger picture of the situation. Sometimes the pure action creates chaos, and with that unfolding looking from inside the chaos the situation makes little if any sense. And that is the main focus of the message. Stand still for a moment, recognize the emotion, transform the vision, the pattern we are creating and manifest it.

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