The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card

The Beginnings with the character of the Fool. Everything starts with something. Tarot card deck starts with The Beginnings, The Fool, the zero card. Now this story does not start in this physical existence, it starts right before we go into existence. And the Fool, the character of the card, he represents us in the energy world, just before we start our journey into the new and amazing world.

And our story starts with a quest for knowledge. It is us, having this amazing idea of how we want to participate in this world full of lessons and learning, full of amazing new things we wish to encounter first hand.

So our journey to this world is represented in this card we call the beginnings or the fool and is numbered 0.

Journey into the unknown

The idea behind the card starts the same as we start into our life path on the physical plane. Our story begins with this new experience of wanting to see the world, wanting to experience the world, wanting to love every moment of it. The innocence of our wish brings us joy. We allow every encounter to be our growth our next opportunity, our next stage in fulfilling our dream.

The person representing this card is just a soul like we are at the beginning of this path. A pure heart, loving and in love with everything that comes our way. Spontaneous and quick in our decisions, not at all hesitant or indecisive, just eager to jump at our next adventure on the path. We are full of positive outlooks, approaching everything and everyone with that enthusiasm, with belief that nothing bad can ever happen to us.

The fool is an expression of inexperience. It is a blank slate with no experience in what is about to come, and life will define the spirit coming forth into this life experience and bring out the character that we are. Full of excitement, with belief that whatever we bring our magic into will blossom and define us, with no plans or ideas of where to go, with focus only on taking that next step, full of visions, full of questions, driven by bare curiosity to see, to touch, taste and experience the world outside the place we are standing at.

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The story of unlimited possibility

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

For a storyteller the storyline to this card is a story about this person, heading into the unknown, being totally unpredictable with a blind belief in the illusion of life being completely trustworthy and good in all aspects.

With that mindset one has unlimited potential, and it teaches us to follow our dreams no matter how crazy or foolish they seem, just always follow your intuition and believe in your own magic. With that mind set anything can be achieved as long as there is room for acceptance and allowing every situation, every lesson to be opportunity for growth.

Numerological view of the number 0 is that of an enhancer. Add zero to any number and it will stand for confirmation of the number’s characteristics by adding the drive and enthusiasm behind the mindset of reaching that goal one sets to and set the mind to more focused view of reaching it. Zero is infinite in its potential, and unpredictable in its plans.

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