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Absolutely Free Psychic Reading

Want a Quality Free Tarot reading?

Not everyone wants to spend tons of money for a reading, and get an unsatisfying answer at the end. Tarot reading is almost always accurate, no matter who the tarot card reader is, however absolutely free tarot card reading is a real rear jewel to find. But also if we do not know what to expect from a tarot card reader, paying for a reading is not a very good idea. It is a much easier decision to choose a tarot card reader based on a little demonstration of a reading.

If we do not know what to expect from any psychic reading we would want to experience, than walking into any psychic shop we see on the street is not the smartest idea. Of course there are ways to see how different psychics do their readings, be it clairvoyant readings, mediumship or divination readings, such as tarot card readings, rune readings, etc. Online psychic websites are a smart way to find more psychics in one place. It is also a lot higher possibility to find a great tarot reader online, than right next door to us. And amazingly, having the opportunity to search the web for free tarot readings online just might bring us more options in finding it than it would on the street.

Where to find a good Tarot card reading?


There are many Websites now days with totally free online psychic chat rooms where you, as a registered member, have the access to any intuitive reader you choose. And the positive aspect of these free, real time, video stream chat rooms is you can take your time as you observe the Tarot card reader at work, you can also ask questions about how the tarot cards can explain, help or answer the question one asks. Signing up to become a registered member on Oranum however is absolutely free feature, and it basically requires you to come up with user name and password you will be using in interaction with our psychics.


What is a demo reading?


The time and the chance to observe tarot card readers at work also means they normally will perform the demonstrations or so called “demo readings” to show people participating in free online psychic chat rooms how they do their readings and how tarot cards actually work. The demonstrations they do are often different games that engage entire room or better said all the participants, or sometimes they just pick someone from the group and let them ask questions. Now being a 100% free psychic chat room also means if you are chosen for this demo reading or you win the game, you get your official mini absolutely free psychic reading.

But now that we covered the basis of how online psychic readings will have more good Tarot card readers and psychics to choose from and a lot higher chance to find a totally free psychic reading as well. Now we should take a chance and see how we can surf through many great but all so different psychic intuitive readers as well as divination readers.

 UPDATE: Demo Reading is no longer avialable on Oranum.

What kind of psychic readings can you find online?

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Before we even start to go on the search after your preferred fortune teller, we need to first decide on the divination method we are going to be looking for. You must be wondering what a “divination method” is by now, well divination method stands for methods intuitive people use to predict the outcomes we ask for. So a tarot card reading is one divination method, clairvoyant psychic reading is another divination method. There are many different methods of divination. Now to simplify this “divination method” topic, lets say we will be looking for one of the methods we can never go wrong with. Tarot Card Reading.

There are so many different tarot card decks on the market to choose from, and with that said there are just as many different ways of Tarot card readings to choose from. Tarot card decks consist of 78 cards. And each card can be its own answer to your question. Now having said that, I was trying to explain how it is not really important to ask for a full reading every time around when you have a question. Which means if you are just a little bit resourceful and think long and hard how to ask the question you want to know the answer to, you can get your answer any time you come to visit free online psychic chat rooms on Oranum.

Finding your perfect tarot card reader, or maybe you prefer psychic clairvoyant reader, whichever you choose in the end, is just the first step you take to finding your own personal psychic. As you know by now, life is not set in stone, and most of the times all we need is a little push towards the goal we strive for. So knowing what we want and knowing what is stoping us, having our own personal fortune teller gives us the missing link to finish the path, when the path is too foggy to see through.


What are free psychic readings?


Free psychic readings are mostly a brief brush on the surface of your issue, just to show you that they know where you are in your life at the moment you are asking. So these absolutely free psychic readings will give you very limited answers to your questions. So when you know who best fits your needs, and can answer your questions in detail and manner you can understand them, than that would be the time to take a leap of faith and go for a payed reading.

Knowing that people are dreading to pay for readings mostly because they fear the use of credit cards. Many of these Online Psychic reading websites no longer have credit card payment option as only paying method available. In fact most common payment option in most of these sites these days is paypal account, which is safe and controlled way to follow up on your payments.

Knowing that payed reading can drag into a long reading and you might spend a lot of money, and we really do not want you to waste money, we prepared a few tips on how to stay within your budget and get the most out of your payed reading.


How to get a good psychic reading on a budget?

Free Online Tarot Predictions

Before you decide to go into a payed reading, assess your budget, and set it aside. Than start writing your questions down on a piece of paper or electronic gadget if you prefer. Think long and hard how those questions could be asked differently or how they could be a lot more focused, so your fortune teller could pick up only on the specifics you want to know about at that time, and will benefit you to gain clarity in the matter. It is also a smarter option if you are on a budget.

Asking a general question will take more time to swift through all the information a fortune teller will be given and will probably make no sense what so ever at that point. If you ask a general question but you are focused on a specific matter you want to get out of it, chances are you will probably not benefit from that kind of answer. Because answer to general question is normally what will get you out of the situation over all at the end, not in a specific situation where you are at the moment.

So ask questions focused to demand short and clear answers, write them down and do not engage in conversation too much if you have not come to the end of the list yet. After you are done with your list and your time is still not up, my favourite question to ask is a general tell me “what I need to know today”. That will give you your guidance for the future, if you understand the message. If you don’t understand what was said at that moment, write it down, it will fit into your future somewhere along the way.

When you try to have a payed reading you have to distinguish between you trying to test the reader or seer, and getting your answers. Asking question such as, I want to know about finances, or love, or relationship, are going to give you a long reading from the get go. Just think about it for a second, do you really want to know all about love, if you are in a relationship and you are asking about this specific person? Or asking about finances in general, if you have a job or project in mind and want to know how to benefit from it, or shift it around to benefit from it.

These more specific questions will save you a lot of money, and at the same time protect you from psychics that love to chit chat in their private sessions that are both timed and payed for every minute for basically nothing if they don’t focus on your questions. Want to chat away with them, I suggest 100% free psychic chat room, and take all the time you need. And use your payed sessions for your need to know answers to your questions. And the budget? Well the budget will not fail you, since Oranum has private chat set so it starts count down based on your budget or credits you payed for, and once they are used it will just pop you out of your private chat. So you should not be too worried about spending more than you set to spend.


Can anyone read tarot cards?

tarot cards and their meanings

Tarot cards are not a tool singled out for only intuitive people or fortune teller professionals. There are many decks of tarot cards to choose from. Every individual can find themselves the tarot card deck they will love. And knowing that everyone can learn to read tarot cards, everyone can look for themselves and find their own answers to their life questions.

Of course for more in detailed readings one should seek out a professional tarot card reader, who will be able to read with advantage of not being invested and emotionally attached to the issue at hand, and will also have the advantage of experience in reading tarot and already developed intuition to their fullest. But for all the little questions that have you puzzled, you can always shuffle and pick a card that will roughly give you the outlook on answer you seek.

Tarot card decks are also a beneficial tool to develop your intuition. In order to be able to read the cards one must first become familiar with the meaning of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards, once you master the meanings of each card and what they represent in a reading you should find a tarot card spread that works best for you. Sometimes people use different tarot card spreads for different reads. But see what works for you and keep practicing on friends. This is a great way to develop sensitivity to different cards, to learn how to differently connect them and to develop and deepen your intuition.

So now that we covered all the specifics and tips for tarot card readings. I believe we should touch up on some other Cards that are useful for fortune telling or your own intuition development. Again many to choose from.


Which Tarot Cards are the right for you?


The easier ones for your every day tips and motivations will be the Angel cards. Angel cards have 44 plus cards in deck, depending on which Angel cards you take. These decks normally have angel messages written on cards, which makes reading them easier, especially if your focus is mainly on the issue or question you have, they will be easier to operate. All you have to do is shuffle with question in mind and pull a card. It is motivational and simple.

There is also a gypsy card deck. These are a little bit harder to use than Angel cards, but will probably be less effort to learn than the entire Tarot card deck of 78 cards. Gypsy cards only have 32 cards in the deck. There is many versions of gypsy cards, but mostly in terms of picture presentation. The best thing about them is that their pictures are unlike Tarot card pictures very straight forward in meaning and image description. So some cards would be Home, Letter or Mail, Lover, Widower etc. And again as with Tarot card reading you must find a good Gypsy card spread to use, or a few different ones if you prefer to read the questions or situations you wish to ask the cards. There are a few different versions of gypsy card decks as well as tarot card decks.


What are runes?


There is another Divination method that uses drawn images for a reading. You have probably at least once heard of the fairly small wooden, clay or even rocks blocks, circles or chips shape with inscriptions like letters or images, called Runes. Runes are a very old divination method, possibly the oldest known to date. Because of the age and a lack of written explanations, the full potential explanation is to this day unknown. So anyone who starts to learn about the rune readings must find their own way around researching for deeper meanings of the rune symbols or so called alphabet.

There are two different kind of runes. Older version of the two is 24 piece Rune collection with actual Rune alphabet signs named Futhark and in the other version, younger version there is 12 pieces of images such as sun, moon etc, these are named Witches runes. These will be easier to learn, but never the less both versions are possibly best interpreted by a very intuitive seer.

Rune reading is an old craft, I have to admit, I only had one experience with the runes, and a rather short one, so I do not personally know that it brings many information, but I was told these readings can be very interesting and if the Rune reader is good with their tool you get quite in detail explanations to what is a good or a bad decision to make in any given situation you find yourself in. Mind the fact that same as through any cards reading, runes have their own spirit behind the reads and the manner of reading the runes can be quite detailed.

Wanting to develop your sensitivity to spiritual world, or maybe train your intuition or even just find a way to answer your own questions to situations that have you puzzled? Well if you are not yet sure if you want to try a Psychic right away, than why not choose one of the divination tools described above and learn to do it yourself.


How do divination tools work?

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For any of divination tools mentioned above, if you own one and you want them to work properly, you need to make sure you are always in tune with them and also that the energy of your tool is always clear and light. Every divination tool works based on energy working with them. And if you are the owner than your energy has to be in tune with your divination tools.

So before using any of the cards or runes you purchase, you need to clear their energy and than tune them to sync to your energy. When owning a divination tool, you also need a few accessories to store your cards or runes in, to keep them protected and in tune with your energy at all times.

Now there are many different methods of cleansing and tuning your divination tools to your energy, you just need to find one that fits your personality and your style.

My preferred divination tool is my Tarot Cards. Lately I only use one, they are called Goddess Tarot Cards. But there are many other more traditional tarot card decks you might feel more connected to, such as a very traditional Rider-Waite Tarot, or a bit more modern design of Gilded Tarot.


How to tune and clear your Tarot cards?


There is so many different ways with divination tools. It is hard to decide what will best fit you, but keep in mind, you should try different ways until you find what best works for you. This is what best works for me, so here’s a few tips I use to keep them clear, always ready and in tune with me. When you purchase Tarot Cards or any other Cards you choose, make sure you take time and look through all your options, don’t rush, make sure you find the perfect ones for you.

Once you purchase your set of cards, I don’t recommend using them straight away. I take about a week to work on them so they can clear and sync the energy with me. So my normal way about cleansing the cards is a way a Tarot card reader taught me long time ago, it is old fashion, since she was taught by her grandmother. What I would normally do to clear the energy, and this might sound a bit funny, but it is pretty hands on and practical, anyone can do it. So I start with finding a wooden board or piece of wood to put cards on it and I hit 3 times with open palm on top of them, some times a few more times, depends on the intuitive instinct you get, thinking of my energy pushing out the energy they had before me.

Always use wood as an object you will push energy through, it is natural circle. I guess you could use crystals as well but I have never done it with crystals myself so I can’t tell how that works. I do however place them near or on crystals to maintain the vibration, but not to clear the energy. Once it’s done and I am satisfied with my swipe I just start shuffling them, I keep them with me and shuffle as many times a day I feel drawn to them, at night I have them under or by my pillow while sleeping. They are ready to use when you can shuffle them smooth without dropping them.


How to keep your tarot cards stored and tuned in?


Along with purchasing Tarot Cards I would find myself a nice drawstring bag my cards will fit in and obviously when you look for any items you will use with your Tarot cards it needs to resonate with you in terms of matching your personality, preference, comfort and convenience. Now for my cards I only use a drawstring bag because I take them with me a lot, and at home I have an area in my office where I keep all my crystals and candles and incenses so I just drop them on a wooden plate that holds my crystals. But if you do not like leaving your Cards out exposed like that or don’t have the place to just put them down, I would suggest a wooden box.

When purchasing a wooden box for your Tarot Cards, I suggest the box to be a little bit bigger than the cards themselves, so you can add some crystals in there as well. In terms of the looks of the wooden box, you can actually get a plane wooden box, and than put your own touch to it and invest energy in the box by decorating it your way, by drawing on it, painting it or whatever art you like to do. As I mentioned before I would drop cards on crystals, but you can put crystals in your box with your tarot cards, I many times drop my cards on Selenite wands on my wooden tray to keep their energy refresh and clear. Selenite is awesome as a cleansing crystal, simply because it does not need to be cleansed itself. I use it to cleanse my other crystals or for my energy work. But you can also add Amethyst, Rose quartz, Obsidian, Clear quartz, or even Lapis lazuli in the box. It is up to your preference.

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